Wednesday, September 30, 2009

2009 Adventures, revised

Yeah, I didn't do most of the things on my 2009 Summer Adventure List. I got too ambitious. Here's the original list:

1. Westlands Park
2. Mt. Rushmore
3. Roxborough State Park
4. Cheyenne, WY (Technically, I've been here, but just driving through. Living so close, I'd like to check it out a little closer)
5. The Colorado State Fair in Pueblo, CO

The only one I actually did (unless you count driving through Cheyenne again, thrice) was Mt. Rushmore. But, I did have a lot of adventures this summer. New ones, even. So, I'm just going to revise my original list. :)

Here's the list I actually did:
1. Mt. Rushmore
2. Rocky Mountain National Park
3. Fort McHenry
4. Mount Vernon
5. Custer State Park

Reviews to come soon. :)