Monday, June 29, 2009

Phewf! I'm a contributor!

I'm Cami. I just moved from Maryland back to Utah where I grew up. This is our first summer here, so EVERYTHING is new. I've already completed some of these challenges, but here is my list. I'm doing Road Trip:

1. Thanksgiving Point Gardens
2. Museum of Ancient Life
3. Living Sea Aquarium
4. Hogal Zoo OR 7 Peaks Resort
5. American Fork Canyon (Do I dare to do Timpanogos Cave with my kids? Probably not this year.)

BONUS: Zion's National Park--this is bonus because I'm not sure we'll get there this summer with all the moving going on, but I'm sure going to try! It may be a fall adventure.

Now, I'm already done with 3 of these places, and there are more to add, I'm sure. So maybe I'll do a giant adventures challenge post with slideshows pretty soon.

Does anyone have any more suggestions for where else we should visit this summer? I can't be TOO ambitious, so let's stick to within one hour of Lehi, shall we?

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Michelle... said...

If you go to Thanksgiving Point you need to go to the children's garden and bring swim suits for the kids. They have a fun Naoh's Ark that sprays water and is surrounded by a shallow pool. Very fun!