Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Summer 2009!!

FRIENDS! I have been reminded that summer is now in full swing! I am going to start up this blog again for anyone that wants to participate. If you want to join in the fun you can become an author and after your outing, post to our blog! Just email me at newsummeradventures (at) gmail (dot) com

Here's the scoop (same as last year):

So, summer is practically upon us. As many of you know, I am a "go out and do" sort of person and this summer, I'd like to try to do some exploring. Join me, will you? Here is the challenge - go somewhere new in your part of the world. Do something different. Explore a part of your city or town that you've never tried. Maybe a new museum, amusement park, restaurant, playground, nature trail or historical site. Maybe there is a festival you've always meant to go to. I'm a mom of young children, so most of the time I'll be bringing my crazy ones with me, but you certainly don't have to have kids to participate!!

If you want to join the challenge, here's how we'll do it. The challenge will run from June 1-Sept 1. You get to decide what is an adventure for you - if it's the same places you always go during the summer, probably it doesn't count. If you can't think of anywhere you haven't gone, call friends. Google "places to go in____" . I check out travel guides of my area from the library or go to a hotel lobby and pick up some of their brochures.

Here are the levels:

Level 1: Walk around the block
explore two new places this summer

Level 2: Road Trip
explore five or more new places this summer

You decide what level of challenge and how far from home you are willing to travel :) Make a list of places you want to try on your blog (you can add to it or change it any time). Then come back here and sign up by commenting with your list post (after your name, put where you're from, will you?? Oh, and please be sure to put the link to the actual post, not just to your blog). Even if you find this after June 1, it is not too late to sign up!!! You can sign up until its over. If you want, you can also just post your list on this blog, if you prefer. You can put the little button on your blog to show that you're making an effort to spice up your summer!

Then you must have fun! See new places!! Post about the quirky details and what you loved or hated about where you went, then come back here and post your review. Then we can all read about everyone else's adventures and maybe get some ideas of places to try some day. Leave a comment if you want to sign up, spread the word and see you around!!


erin sheely said...

Fun! I'm ready.


Melissa said...

I'm in again. Can I do the same thing as last year and post about our adventures here??

Corinne said...

Melissa - absolutely! I was counting on it! I'm going to cross post my own self :)

Tricia said...

I'm in!!

Corinne said...

Tricia - I love that story!

Cami said...

Ok, so am I supposed to post my list here in the comments or actually post my adventures here? I'm confused. Well, here's my list anyway (I've done some of them already, of course):

1. Thanksgiving Point Gardens
2. Museum of Ancient Life
3. Living Sea Aquarium
4. Hogal Zoo OR 7 Peaks Resort
5. American Fork Canyon

BONUS: Zion's National Park--this is bonus because I'm not sure we'll get there this summer with all the moving going on, but I'm sure going to try! It may be a fall adventure.

So, all of these are new to my kids, since we just moved here. So we're just figuring out what is around before we get TOO adventurous! Now I need to post my list upon my own blog and actually post some pictures. FUN! (Tell me if I should actually post them here--I'm not in the know.)

Cami said...

Oh, I guess I was just supposed to link. Well, I will:


Amy said...


I'm in!

Cahl and Marcella said...

Count me in!


Corinne said...

Marcella - WELCOME!!