Sunday, July 5, 2009

Turner Falls, Oklahoma

We were thinking about what to do in Dallas this past weekend, and Hubby headed over to his barber (yes, he really has one) and was chatting with him, and he (the barber) suggested we try out Turner Falls in Oklahoma, which happens to be on the way to Dallas. We looked it up on the internet, and it seemed like a fun place to stop. So, we did.

Aside from getting a bit lost (Google Maps had never led us astray before), which was easily rectified (by asking directions in a grocery store)... and aside from the 40 minute wait to get in...
We had a grand time.

It's a river with a series of shallow rapids that begins at a 70 foot falls, and heads down to a man-made lake. We changed when we got there (the girls actually changed in the car while we were waiting in line), and went down to the lake part.

I should admit that we didn't know what the heck we were getting in to, so we all ended up with banged legs and bruised toes. Next time we'll wear water shoes.

Hubby, A, K and I found this little waterfall and the girls had a grand time sliding down the rocks, and hanging out under the falls.

(Can I say how much I LOVE my rash guard?)

Then, everyone went off the diving board multiple times...

Yes, even K and A...though they had problems with waiting in lines...

After that, we decided that since we really did need to get to Dallas, we had to go. Before we went, we walked up to the falls proper (and discovered a whole other swimming area!). On the way we found a castle:

(See, it tells us it's one!)

M found these, which she thought were amusing...

Turner Falls park even has camping grounds, as well as restaurants and lots and lots of picnic places... which means

we'll be back!


Corinne said...

I WANT TO GO TO THERE!! TOMORROW!!! That looks so fantastic, seriously, my crew would LOVE it. Oh, and I am a HUGE fan of the rashguard also - where did you end up getting it??

Melissa said...

Alex and Co. Thanks for the links, friend. :)