Saturday, August 15, 2009

Adventure #6: Lake Afton, Kansas

A bonus adventure!

We got a call on Thursday night: a group of friends was going to celebrate the last day of "summer" with a trip to Lake Afton. I'd never heard of it, let alone been there (who knew there were lakes in Kansas?), and since the admission was only $3, I figured what better way to spend the lazy Friday-before-school-starts with a group of friends at the lake.

I was right: we had a blast!

It was a bit chilly when you first went in, but we all acclimated quickly and had a grand time.

Well, K was hesitant at first...

but eventually, she got in and had a blast, too. My camera batteries died, or else I would have gotten a picture from when she was REALLY playing in the water!

One of our friends had brought a boogie board, and A was the one who had the most fun with it...

Especially when she could get someone to pull her around!

The "big" kids had the most fun with water fights, mud/sand fights, wrestling, and goofing off.

It was a grand afternoon (the two hours we were there just FLEW by!), and yeah, we'll be going back next year.


Corinne said...

LOVE those kind of spontaneous outings with friends! Time goes by so much fast when there are others to play with. I am amazed there is a lake in Kansas also :)

Melissa said...

I was told that there really isn't any lakes, just stopped up rivers. Even so, it was fun. (It does make me miss *real* bodies of water, though...)