Friday, August 21, 2009

State Line Drive-In

Yeah, I know...what is new about a Drive-In? Fact is, it is so old, it is new. The State-Line Drive In reminds me of the drive-in I went to as a child, years ago. The name comes from the fact that it is on the Tennessee-Virginia border. It has a small playground of swingsets and teeter totters under the screen for the young ones to use before the show. The concession stand has incredible prices, with candy as low as 25 cents on up to $3.00 for a large popcorn. Although they do not show the most current movies, the price for admission is only $5 per person, 12 and over, free for anyone under 12. It was an entirely different experience than going to a regular movie theatre, with people bringing out picnic baskets and socializing before the show started. If you are near the area, I highly recommend you checking out the StateLine Drive-In, and if you don't, you might want to see if there is a drive-in in your area. You might be in for a pleasant surprise.

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Corinne said...

thanks for the heads up! i bet my kids would love a drive in :)