Friday, June 27, 2008

Doin' that Ball and Stick Thing

Adventure #1, even though it wasn't on our list.
We ended up going miniature golfing at All Star Sports today because A wanted to go to another splash park, I wanted to visit some candy stores that were spot-lighted in the local paper, and the other girls weren't keen on doing anything. The only thing we could all agree on was golfing, so golfing we went.

Once we got there, I remembered that golfing with kids consists of going through the holes as fast as humanly possible (with your two year old going as slow as humanly possible).

Thankfully there was no crying over scores and who won (because I gave up multitasking halfway through). The only problem was when a ball ended up in the waterhole...

...but even that was soon fixed.

It was hot, and after a while, this was all they wanted to do:

I think what they liked best, though, was the slide and arcade inside. :)

Long and short of it: too much money for not enough fun. Hopefully there are other places in town to go mini-golfing, because this just wasn't worth it.


Corinne said...

I am proud of you for taking all of them mini golfing. We tried it with just the three last year - and it was mostly a disaster. The indoor slides look fun though. How were the candy stores, btw??

Melissa said...

We never made it (should have gone there instead...). Maybe this week.