Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Splash Park

Our first Summer Adventure was last Wednesday. We went to the Herriman Splash Park by our house. We went two summers ago, but didn't make it last summer. I decided that James was more than able to run around and have fun by himself this year (mom not having to shadow him).

He was a little unsure at first, but didn't take long to get in and enjoy it. He also enjoyed the park that was just outside the splash pad. It was good for him to have a little more free reign going back and forth between the park and the water.

The key to this splash park is get there early and get a spot in the shade. We got there early, but I choose a bench instead of a shady spot (who knows what I was thinking!).

Our ward is changing their playdate group each week to the Splash Park and I am so excited. Fun for James and a little more relaxing for me (no swings to push!)


Corinne said...

What a great place!! Seriously, I live for the splashpark, especially during the toddler stage :) Sounds fun! I should see if my sister law knows about it - she lives in Herriman :)

Michelle said...

If she lives in Herriman I'm sure she knows about it. It is fast becoming a summer favorite hangout. It might be fun to meet up with her there one day.