Friday, July 11, 2008

Adventure #3: The Great Plains Nature Center

Back when we lived in Arkansas, we often found ourselves at the Craighead County Nature Center for an afternoon -- we loved the combination of education, nature, and wild open spaces. That, and it made for a good Sunday afternoon outing. It's been a while since we've been to a nature center; I knew there was one here, but had never made the effort to go out to it (it's across town). So, using the challenge as an excuse, I suggested having playgroup out there today. We had a fairly good sized turnout, and enjoyed ourselves thoroughly. Well, mostly. The center itself is nice: lots of good information on both the Arkansas (say it with me: AR-kan-saw... they have a problem with that name around here) River and the Great Plains -- both the animals, and natural environment. It lacked the fun kids area of the one in Arkansas, but otherwise, it was a good little center.

After we had exhausted the inside options, we headed out to the trails. They were really nice: sidewalks through the woods, actually, not natural at all. But, there were several large ponds/small lakes that had an abundance of ducks, fish, other birds, and turtles, much to the girls' (and other kids) enjoyment. Unfortunately, A had a couple of mishaps: a wasp stung her hand (thank heavens she's not allergic; it hurt for a while, but someone managed to find an ice pack that helped take the sting away) and then fell down on the trail and scraped up both knees. Other than that, though, it was uneventful and nice.

It turned out to be a bit hot today -- 85 degrees when we left at 11:30 this morning -- to really enjoy the walks outside, but I think it'd be really nice to go back in the fall sometime. I'm glad we went.


Corinne said...

I really like the picture with all the girls at the window.

I love nature centers too - but that sidewalked trail does seem a bit un-nature-y. I prefer at least woodchips :) Maybe though, if I'm pushing a stroller, that'd be helpful, since I once did have to push an umbrella stoller on a nature path with woodchips and it was obsene :)

Melissa said...

I agree. The one in Arkansas at least was a boardwalk path rather than a sidewalk. But perhaps the were thinking of handicap/mom with small child accessible when they built it.