Saturday, July 5, 2008

4th of July & Riverton Days Carnival

A few highlights in picture.

Originally we were going to go to the Herriman Days Carnival, but that was the same weekend my wonderful parents took James. I'm glad Riverton does theirs right after. It actually had much better rides than the Herriman one.

We barbecued with the neighbors and went up the the carnival about 7:30. James has never been on any kind of carnival/amusement park rides before, so I was a little unsure as to how he'd do. I bought the 10 tickets for $10 deal hoping he'd have fun. I could have bought more. He had a ball! Those 10 tickets gave him 5 rides. The caterpillar roller coaster just happened to be right by the ticket booth so we started there. First ever ride - a roller coaster - why not! James had a permanent grin the whole time. So fun.

After the rides we hung out on the blankets with our friends, eating cookies and licorice, chatting and waiting for the fireworks. James loved the fireworks. They didn't start until a little before 10:00 and Matt, who had James on his lap for most of the show, said James fell asleep during part of it and he had to wake him up. Scott even did great - they didn't scare him at all.

I think we have a new 4th of July tradition. Spend the money on the carnival rides rather than fireworks and just sit back and enjoy a really good fireworks show with friends.

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Corinne said...

You're brave!! That sounds like so much fun. Kids on carnival rides make me so happy - I remember those small time carnivals in my town when I was a kid. I have never yet taken my kids to fireworks (except at Disneyworld) so you're a great mom :)