Saturday, July 12, 2008

Skagit Valley Highland Games and Celtic Festival

This was actually one thing I had planned to do! And it was amazing that Erik didn’t have call this weekend. So we got to go check out the Highland Games at Edgewater Park. Yes, I took my camera. I realized on my way home that I failed to take a single photo with anything Scottish in it! Oh well, going to a festival with a one and three year old is kind of difficult. If it was me I would have parked myself down by the Games area with a frosty beverage and enjoyed the day. But the kids weren’t interested, it was a sunny and hot day and they wanted to keep moving (which only made them hotter and more tired). And we all know what happens with hot and tired children—meltdown. But before the meltdowns, it was still really cool.

The festival had your typical vendors and food booths. As we walked up there was a solo bagpipe competition. Unfortunately that meant about twenty pipers all playing different things at the same time, thus sounding a lot like racket. And I really like bagpipes! Unfortunately a lot of what I was interested in was slated for the afternoon (i.e. nap time). So I didn’t get to watch the Sheepdog trials or the Pipe band competition. I did get to hear some of the bands practicing though and that was enjoyable.

A little review for anyone who might be in the area and want to attend; I would totally recommend this festival. It wasn’t huge, but it also wasn’t jam-packed. There were several things going on and it has a very nice setting. Check out our photo of Mount Baker (and the Mount Vernon tulip tower) from the festival grounds. Sometimes I forget what a beautiful place we live in! There were a few tents with kid activities and they even had kids’ games (haggis toss anyone?). I think that will be a riot in a few years.
Now for the family firsts: Let’s begin with the best five dollars I ever spent…Pony Ride!!! I was worried because you know how Audrey will often freak out around animals. But she was all over the pony ride—I think it was the time of her [short] life! I couldn’t believe the smiles, the laughs, and the independence. She must have gotten a small dose of horse-love from Grandma R. Lord knows it isn’t from me. When I told her she could ride all she wanted at Grandma and Grandpa’s, she said “Let’s go right now!” Hunter was a little leery about the whole thing, but he warmed up near the end.

Our next first was a shared ice cream cone. My kids have certainly had ice cream, but never in cone form. It was a huge hit, and I was amazed at how well Hunter caught on. I shouldn’t be though; when it comes to eating I think he is an idiot savant. Since I was sitting next to Hunter I had to hold the cone for him so I didn’t get any photos. I wish I could have though, he was a crack up!

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Corinne said...

MAN would I love something like that. The picture of your daughter on that pony is PRECIOUS!!