Thursday, July 24, 2008

Rock River Rapids

My fourth (I think? Or is it fifth?) adventure -- this one is technically in Derby, Kansas, which is about 1/2 hour south and east of where I live. I went with a friend, because I was afraid it'd be too much for me to handle alone, but it turned out that it wasn't that bad. (In fact, my friend didn't help at all!) The older two girls went off and did water slides and the lazy river, and the younger two were content to play in the playhouse/splash park. And M was even willing to watch K for a bit while I took A on the lazy river a couple of times. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves, and while it was crowded (it was 100 degrees yesterday, and a LOT of people had the same idea as us; I can't imagine the park on a weekend!) it wasn't unmanageable. Unfortunately, though, being there by myself means that all the pictures I got were from the first few minutes there, before we really got started. And there's no water slide pictures... then again, there's always next time. Because we enjoyed it enough that there will be a next time.

It took K a long time to get warmed up (no pun!) to the park. She didn't want to do anything, she didn't want to be splashed, she didn't want to leave my side. After a while, though, she did give in to the fun of it all, and had a grand time. I just didn't get any of those pictures...

I chased M around the lazy river trying to get a picture. The lazy river was a lot of fun. It was a fast moving river, with three waterfalls to go under. M went down every single water slide they had and only found one she wasn't willing to go one more than once. (Even she has her limits, and this one was really scary!) I wish I could have gotten a picture of that.

They had these animals floating in the middle of the pool to climb on. A loved them, and spent most of her time climbing on and falling off of them.

C, in the splash park playhouse.

C and A, behind one of the waterfalls. The other picture I wished I could have gotten is of the girls getting dumped by the HUGE bucket of water that turned over on top of the house every 5 minutes or so. That would have been fun.

Ah well. Next year!

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Corinne said...

My kids would LOVE that place!!!