Sunday, July 6, 2008

Adventures in Candy Buying

Adventure #2: we did what we should have done last week... went to two of the candy stores in town. We started at Farris Wheel, since it was the furthest east.

It was a cute little shop, adjacent to a restaurant. And they were pretty good with samples and the girls. We were the only ones in the store for a while, so the girls had the run of the store.

We got a few little things -- some Spanish Peanuts for M, Jelly Bellys for A and K and some fudge for C.

We were excited, and thought it was a neat place, but that was before we got here (notwithstanding that we thought the fudge from Farris Wheel was too sweet and a bit grainy):

It's a fairly large warehouse just east of downtown, and they have a HUGE selection of candies. And they were SO much better about their samples and dealing with the girls. One salesperson, in particular, made it her mission to find C something she liked. (Especially after I said no to buying M&Ms; she got a second treat because she ate one bite of the fudge and declared it "too yucky". I've spoiled my kids when it comes to sweets.)

The same salesperson gave A a chocolate covered peanut, I think. A doesn't like peanuts in her chocolate... hence the icky face.

We found some really YUMMY stuff there. C settled for mint-chocolate malt balls (which were really good), and I picked up some red apple caramels (think caramel apples in candy form) and some cashew butter toffee (which my husband LOVED!) I think we can safely say 1) we know what we're getting people for Christmas and 2) we found a new place to buy candy!


Michelle said...

What a fun day! Where is this place?

Corinne said...

Mint chocolate MALT BALLS??? Are you kidding me? That place sounds like a little piece of heaven on earth!!

Hey, would you do me a favor and tag your post your state??

Lisa said...

Yum! My new candy store find is chocolate covered gummy bears. Not my favorite, only because they usually use the cheap gummy bears, but it you got good ones they'd be awesome.

Melissa said...

Ah Michelle, we're in Wichita, KS. :)

And, no, Corrine, I'm not. And they were delicious. But I liked the cashew toffee best. :)

Corinne said...

Oh ho HO!! CASHEW TOFFEE. Friend, I must come visit you and perhaps we can partake together :)