Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Swimming at the Y

The Northwest Branch of the local YMCA opened up two summers ago (right when we moved here), and the girls have been dying to go swimming there ever since. But, we've never joined up and it wasn't until the some old friends moved here that we found someone willing to sponsor us for an afternoon at the pool.

We found when we got there that's is a really fun place for the older kids. M was gone on the two water slides almost immediately. (And I hardly saw her the rest of the two hours we were there!) The real amazing thing, though, was that C (who has hated waters slides in the past) actually went down both slides! (The second -- where you went down on an inner tube, she went down very last, after I said I was going to go down, too...)

As for the little girls, A liked the lazy river, especially the part where we went through and got dumped on (at one point, we got stuck in a bottleneck and we managed to get drenched!). K wasn't too hot on that part, and after the second time around on the tubes, she protested. Loudly.

Then there was the one slide that the little kids could go down... which A did. K, though, would have nothing to do with it.

All she wanted to do was jump off the side of the deep(er) end of the pool.

At least we all had fun!

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Corinne said...

SUCCESS!! That place looks AWESOME! My kids would LOVE it. I had an experience at a similar waterpark in Illinois recently, where I got dumped on whilst floating down the lazy river. Preston (on my lap) protested as well :)