Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Denver Aquarium

We stopped at the Denver Aquarium on our recent trip to Washington state. Mostly because we knew there was NOTHING to do in Billings, which was our next stop, but also because we like aquariums. And we didn't get tickets for the Denver Mint.

When we first entered, it was decorated like a ship. The girls -- especially A (she even asked to go all the way back to it), had fun pushing buttons, and playing with the wheels.

There were lots of interesting exhibits. Everyone's favorite was the flash flood (what does one do for a local natural exhibit when the aquarium is in a desert? Well... tarantulas, snakes, birds, and flash floods!) where there was a "thunderstorm" and the river overflowed and got us a bit wet. It was too dark to take pictures, though. There was also a tunnel where you could walk through and see the fish around...

but K wasn't too fond of that. (Or perhaps it's just the huge manta ray overhead?)

One of the other things the girls liked was the tank where you could go up underneath and see the fish from the inside. It made for some very interesting pictures.

And they even got to pet a sting ray at the end -- though only C and A were interested. (K would have nothing to do with it, although I tried to get her to pet the ray...)

And this one, because K looked at them and said, "Bubbles!"

In the end, though, it wasn't enough for us... especially for the price. It was nice, it was fun -- it only took 1 hour! -- but it was way overpriced. C'est la vie.

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Corinne said...

I also really love aquariums - this one looks good, if only it was cheaper :)