Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A Rich Person's Adventure

As part of my husband's family reunion, his older brother rented three boats -- two pontoons and a speedboat -- and five families headed out to Cour d'Alene lake in northern Idaho to go boating.

It wasn't a great day -- windy, so the lake was choppy, and not terribly warm, so the lake was cold. But that didn't stop us from having fun!

Hubby got to drive a boat (for the first time):

The ride out was nice -- C and a cousin chilled on the seats --

But once we got to a little cove, the fun began. M dove off the side of the speedboat:

And her uncle let her have a turn driving the boats.

C was one of the brave souls that went tubing... (it was REALLY cold!)

A wanted a turn in the water, so Hubby swam with her (well, carried her, practically) from one boat to the next -- if you look closely, she's freezing and clinging to his neck!

But settled for a speedboat ride instead.

K and I were "smart" and never got in.

But we really liked riding on the little speedboat. Especially when we went fast!!

We've been to Cour d'Alene lake many times, but we'd never been out on boats before (it being a fairly expensive thing...). I'm glad, though, that we have relatives with deep pockets! It sure was fun!

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Corinne said...

Oh that SCENERY!! So lovely. The water looks freezing, I'm proud of everyone that got in :) I really love boating. I haven't spent enough time in Idaho - it seems like there is lots of outdoorsy stuff to do there :)